Our avocados are grown under bio-dynamic methods without the use of artificial fertilisers or chemicals. The extra virgin oil is cold pressed, filtered and bottled under N2 gas without the use of heat, solvents or additives. We remove the dark green colour (Chlorophyll) through a special filtering process to prevent the development of bitter flavours in cooking or frying at high temperatures.

Avocado oil, extracted from the fruit, sometimes has a cloudy appearance due to the crystallisation of the low melting point of triglyceride. This should be regarded as a good sign and not a fault as it indicates unrefined oil. (Refined avocado oil is always pale yellow and lacks the rich green colour of cold pressed oil).

Avocado oil has excellent keeping qualities because of an inbuilt antioxidant system. Avocado contains a high percentage of monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, B, and D and is rich in lecithin.

For use in skin applications, it is thought that despite it's viscosity it has the ability to penetrate the upper layers of the skin. Avocado oil is valuable for its effects on dry and wrinkled skin, burns and sunburns.

avocado oil
Additives: Nil
Appearance: Gold Green
FFA: 2.0% Max
Flavour/Taste: Mild nutty
Iodine Value: (Wijs or Hanus): 65-95
Moisture %: Nil
Odour: Mild
Peroxide Value (meg/kg): <5.0
Refractive Index at 40°C 1.460-1.479
Saponification Value: 177-196
Specific Gravity at 25°C: 0.910-0.920

Fatty Acid Profile:
C16 Palmitic10-16%
C16:1 Palmitoleic 7-10%
C18 Strearic Nil
C18:1 Oliec 56-65%
C18:2 Linoleic 12-18%
C18:3 Linoleic 2% Max

Total Saturated Acids: 16-20%
Total Monounsaturated Acids 60-70%
Total Polyunsaturated Acids 12-18%

Cold-pressed extra virgin avocado oil: 250ml in cartons of 6.
Also available in 200L drums or 20L drums.

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